Thursday 01 September, 2011

Bad Thing Redux is in the Building.


Bad Things Redux featuring Sage Francis and B. Dolan.

This might be the best we’ve ever done, mama.

Bad Things is the third single from our upcoming Rooftop Shake album, out on September 6th on Strange Famous Records.  Pre-orders still available HERE!

I remember when Sage first sent his verse to us.  It was, uhhhhh amazing?  Imagine having one of your idols agree to make music with you.  Then imagine said idol coming back with one of hardest verses you’ve heard him spit in a minute.  Look up.  Now look back down.  I’m on a horse.

After Sage sent us his verse, and Sentence and I had recorded our piece, we sent it to Rob Swift.  It shouldn’t be shocking to me anymore how good Rob Swift is.  But he continues to amaze.  You’ll hear what I’m talking about when you listen.

We got the chance to perform Bad Things a couple times with Sage while we were out in Colorado in July.  It was incredible.  While we were out there, the big homey B. Dolan casually mentioned that he would be down to get on a remix.  We kept our poise, because we keep it g’ed up like that, but on the inside we were electric.  Imagine our surprise then when B. casually sent his verse to our email a few days after returning home.

Dolan’s joins Sage’s verse as two of best verses I’ve heard, this year of our lord, 2011.  Someone point me to anyone out-doing either of them on this song.  Seriously.  I would like to hear that.

So, here you go: one of my top-two favorite songs on our new record, with some added B. Dolan thrown in to make you seem silly for not listening.  It’s a free download.  Our hope is that you like it enough to consider supporting the album when it drops.
BAD THINGS REDUX – Metermaids, Sage Francis, B. Dolan by Strange Famous Records


Love, Metermaids.

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